Whatever you’re shipping.
We’ll make it easy

Whatever you’re shipping.
We’ll make it easy

3CS: Your Partner For Customs Clearance and Consultancy

With our experience and knowledge we offer top customs clearance services. Our team of specialists has a unique in-depth knowledge in the field of customs and compliance. With our pro-activescreening on the most critical customs elements we’ll make sure that once clearance process has started, your cargo is cleared without unforeseen surprises or delays at customs..

Our Services

Customs Clearance:

  • Import

  • Export

  • Transit

  • Fiscal Representation

Customs Consultancy:

  • Individual Trade Compliance cases

  • Training (management and customs specific)

  • Customs Software implementations

  • AEO license, audits and maintenance

  • Project Management

Our unique offer

  • 24/7 clearance and support

  • Quick scan on your product classification

  • Full visibility and tracking on all clearances