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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is required for all goods entering or exiting a customs territory. It’s a process where a customs declaration needs to be submitted to the authorities and the goods must be ready to present. The process of declaring goods could result in payment of duties, VAT and any other charges such as fees for the physical inspection of the goods.


Goods entering from a third country into the EU as a final destination need to be declared for import. This process can be complex and to avoid mistakes during the customs declaration, a skilled expert can help you during the entire customs procedure. Also the pre-payment of customs duties (if any) and VAT can be taken care of.


Exporting goods from the EU to a third country must be declared at customs before they exit for multiple reasons. Next to the obligation by law to declare the export of goods, it’s also necessary to proof that your goods have physically left the EU in order to apply the 0% VAT on your trade.


There are situations where an import declaration isn’t (yet) the goal. When you for example receive goods from outside the EU which need to be stored in bonded status or goods are to be sent to another destination in the EU under bonded status: in both cases a T1 document is required.

When goods in free circulation are to be sent to another state linked to NCTS such as Switzerland, we’ll take care of your T2 document.

In addition we will alert you if the validity of the documents are nearing expiration date to avoid customs investigations, unnecessary payment of duties and/or penalties.

Fiscal Representation

One of our other services is that we can act as a fiscal representative for our clients. We have the possibility to do this for foreign entrepreneurs/companies in order to obtain VAT in the Netherlands. An example would be the VAT due on import.

When it comes to the declaration of payment of the VAT we will represent the foreign entrepreneur including the administrative tasks in relation to the fiscal representation. It creates an important liquidity and financing advantage for the foreign entrepreneur.

A critical point is that the Tax and Customs Administration issues the license only to companies of which the Tax and Customs Administration can carry out a proper check on the foreign company. With our expertise we can support and setup this kind of administration.

Customs Consultancy

3CS’ customs consultancy division was born out of a recognized need on the market to outsource customs consultancy within the software industry. Offering business and project solutions, we specialize as Global Trade Compliance consultants in customs software implementations where a we offer hands-on and simple project management to implement your software fast and sustainable.

We make the difference by an incredible positive mindset focusing on enabling the result combined with a way of critical thinking where once a an issue is resolved, it stays resolved. We focus on the relation and partnership.
The fundaments of our collaboration is based on sharing knowledge and consistency.

We offer consultancy on the following:

  • (Customs) Software Implementation

  • Project and Business Management

  • Global Trade Compliance